Fiesta Breakfast Casserole

Lately co-workers are dropping like flies..well it comes in waves and we are in the middle of one. However, with each person leaving the company we celebrate in the best way we know how, potlucks. I have a love hate relationship with potlucks. I love eating but I hate the nature of pot lucks. First off, I hate the hodge podge of food. I don’t want lasagna with egg rolls, and hot dogs. Plus it mostly has gone from homemade food to pre-packaged and call me old fashion but I hate attending a potluck where everything is store bought. However, I realize … Continue reading Fiesta Breakfast Casserole

Chicken Teriyaki In The Crockpot

Lately the idea of having Chicken Teriyaki has appealed to me. I found a crockpot version of the meal and was so excited to try it. My hopes and expectations for this meal were high. However, this meal disappointed. Let’s backtrack a little. I received a new crockpot for Christmas with a timer. I  thought I could finally have dinner cooking while I was at work. After 4 hours it was supposed to kick from low to warm. However I think it sat on warm for too long . The meal overcooked and was burnt in the crockpot. I would … Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki In The Crockpot

Alice Spring Chicken with Garlic Shell Pasta and Broiled Frozen Corn:

A few weeks ago I got inspired to cook. I made a full three course meal which I hardly ever do.  However, at work my co-workers and I are obsessed with pinterest  and as I ferociously began pinning away various meals I had to make this little meal came together/ As a side note I probably should have taken a picture of Chad’s meal since I don’t really like corn. lol.    Let me break down each part of the meal  Alice Spring Chicken:  Does this sound familiar? It might. Apparently the Alice Spring Chicken is on the menu at … Continue reading Alice Spring Chicken with Garlic Shell Pasta and Broiled Frozen Corn:

Stuffed Shells:

                      Stuffed Shells I made these shells for meatless Monday a while back! For those not familiar I try to go vegetarian at least 3 days a week. Sometimes I fail but I enjoy the challenge of trying new recipes without meat in it. Cheese Stuffed Shells  The positive: It’s meatless, easy to make and it taste good!  The negative: It’s time consuming to make since it requires you to first cook the shells then bake. It’s also not a filling meal on its own.  Overall, it’s worth making and the great … Continue reading Stuffed Shells:

Balsamic Vinegar Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes

Balsamic Vinegar Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes Well I’m going to once again try to be more consistent with updating my blog. I’m trying to cook a lot more since I am trying to be more resourceful with the food in our house. Anyways, tonight the husband had an appointment after work which means I am on my own for dinner. I checked out the ingredients I had and decided to try the Balsamic Vinegar Chicken recipe. First off, this was super easy to make. Prep time was probably 7 minutes. As the meal was cooking my house smelled fantastic. I … Continue reading Balsamic Vinegar Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes


MONTEREY CHICKEN: Chad’s version is on top mine is below. I would say Chad’s favorite restaurant is Chili’s. He loves the Monterey Chicken. When I saw a copy cat recipe online I knew I needed to try it out.  The Positive: The recipe is very easy to make and is full of flavor. The Negative: It’s not Chili’s so naturally it didn’t taste exactly like their recipe. Overall: If you are going to make this I’d highly suggest using chicken breasts instead of tenders. As you can see I struggled with space for the rest of the ingredients. The chili’s version … Continue reading MONTEREY CHICKEN

Baked Potato Soup

Baked Potato Soup I’m such a baby but it’s been freezing here! Like literally freezing temps. When I moved to Arizona I signed up for warm weather not below freezing temperatures, blah! Anyways, with the cold weather I knew I needed soup. I saw a skinny baked potato soup recipe and was intrigued. The secret to this soup is puree cauliflower to give it more consistency. The positive: It was quick to make. The secret was heating the potatoes in the microwave to cook them. However, I had to also steam the cauliflower which added a tad bit more of time. … Continue reading Baked Potato Soup