Chicken Teriyaki In The Crockpot

Lately the idea of having Chicken Teriyaki has appealed to me. I found a crockpot version of the meal and was so excited to try it. My hopes and expectations for this meal were high. However, this meal disappointed.


Let’s backtrack a little. I received a new crockpot for Christmas with a timer. I  thought I could finally have dinner cooking while I was at work. After 4 hours it was supposed to kick from low to warm. However I think it sat on warm for too long . The meal overcooked and was burnt in the crockpot. I would hardly say it was an edible meal, yet there we were trying to salvage what we could. LOL. If I were to re-try this meal on a weekday I think I’d keep it on warm all day then kick it up to high when I get home. Another option would be to make the meal  on the weekend so I can watch it cook closer. I also did not bother to take a picture because it was a hot mess of  black. Black pineapples, black potatoes, black carrots, and super dry chicken.

I still feel it’s worthy of mentioning since I’m not a chef or even a good cook. I’m attempting to make something and they all can’t be winners. However, if you make the meal and have more success I’d love to hear what you did.

 Chicken Teryaki 


2-3 Cooked chicken breasts cut up into pieces
20 oz can of pineapple chunks
dash of ground ginger
1C teriyaki sauce


Add all ingredients to freezer bag and mix to coat.

Write on Freezer Bag

Thaw slightly and add contents to crockpot
Cook on low 6-8 hrs or high 4-6 hrs.

A non-burnt version of this meal can be found at


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