Whole Grain Chicken Helper- Lemon & Herb flavor

Whole Grain Chicken Helper- Lemon & Herb flavor


Fun Fact: Back in College I had a radio show on our student radio station. I had a bit for a while where I tested new food products. It was a fun concept but it didn’t translate well onto radio…can’t imagine why? Anyways, I do love to review things so I thought I’d bring that concept to my blog. Nerdy I realize but oh well.

Let’s be real we all need a cooking cheat day and this may help you when you need those days. Just to clarify I am not getting paid by anyone to do this. I’d like to think if betty crocker was going to pay anyone to review their food they’d select someone who can actually write. LOL.

Anyways, on to the review…so I had a short phase (and I mean very short) in College where I really enjoyed the hamburger helper line of food. I blame my roommate who was really into making it and would feed it to me. Anyways, I haven’t had any of the hamburger helper flavors in years (like 7 if I had to guess). When I was strolling through the grocery store and stumbled onto the Chicken Helper I was intrigued. It was probably the whole grain and lemon and herb flavoring that drew me in. I bought it with some hesitations like would my husband eat it? Would it taste good? Would I actually ever make it?

On Sunday afternoon we needed  lunch and I decided it was go time with the chicken helper. The only ingredients needed are butter, water, and chicken. The box includes pasta and dried carrots and peas (I picked the peas out), lemon and herb seasoning for the chicken, and then a glaze that goes on at the very end. The meal is super easy to make. It was a little time consuming but its still probably quicker than making it on your own…do you know how long it takes to dehydrate stuff? lol. 

The ultimate test would be what we thought of the meal. I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of it. It may have been because I somehow made it a little thick but I also thought it lacked flavor. However, Chad who is a lot pickier than me really liked it. He thought it had a sweet taste probably from the glaze flavoring. I don’t think I would have bought it again but since Chad kept raving about how good it was I bought a back up box for the next time I’m feeling lazy.I can at least find ways to make it more flavorful plus I think it was only $1.74 which is a good deal.

The directions are on the box so I’m going to skip that and just include more pictures of the meal. If you want me to taste test a frozen, boxed, or other meal let me know.:)

More pictures of the meal

Not exactly like the cover of the box lol



Happy Cooking!!!


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