Chicken Ranch Tacos

Making dinner has become a challenge since becoming a mom. Someday’s she will sleep and dinner is easy or days like today she is crying a huge chunk of the day and I’m feeding, holding and changing her. When 4:45 rolled around and I realized I had no idea what to make for dinner I decided dinner needed to be in the crockpot and on high since all I had was frozen chicken. I turned to pinterest to help me out with what to make. I noticed Crystal posted a recipe for chicken ranch tacos in the crockpot and decided I might as well try and make those for dinner. The recipe was super easy although I didn’t have chicken broth I decided to use water as the base. The verdict? We both liked the chicken ranch tacos. Although I didn’t taste any ranch and I wish I had a lime it was still a good meal. Tacos in the crockpot were a success and I will be making these again in the future! 

Chicken Ranch Tacos


– I used 5 frozen chicken tenders  (next time I think using breasts or more tenders would be best since we barely each got 3 small tacos)
– 1 packet of chicken taco seasoning
–  1/4 cup of ranch dressing 
–  1/2 cup of water



1. Place chicken, water, and taco seasoning in crockpot on high for an hour

2. After an hour add ranch dressing cook for another 45 minutes to hour if using chicken tenders

3. Shred chicken up and serve on tortillas with your choice of toppings


To see the original recipe please visit


Recipe in pictures

Step 1



Adding ranch dressing to chicken



Finished product



Happy Cooking! 🙂



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