Saving Money and being less wasteful…can it be done?

So today has been really gloomy. I have a theory that if its going to be cloudy in Arizona it should just rain. However, I’m still waiting for that to happen. Since it’s been cold and gloomy I’ve done a lot of nothing. I did discover some new blogs. I never have been one to read blogs but I’m suddenly obsessed and read all these blogs. Anyways, today as I was browsing through a blog I saw a post that I decided I wanted to try. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m try to waste less this year food wise. So once  a week I am going to clean my fridge out and see how wasteful I’ve actually been. Then I will post it to my blog. Not because you care but because I need someone to see I’m not following the goals I’ve set for myself. The pictures may be gross and you will probably judge me but if I want to reduce the amount of food I waste then this has to be done. 

Tonight we went grocery shopping so I figured it was a good time to clean the fridge out. I’m really ashamed to admit this but I found something that expired in 2009. It was lemon juice that was in the shape of a lemon. I guess I didnt realize those even had expiration dates. The lemon juice did get kicked to the curb for the record!

So without further stalling here is the food we wasted. By the way we could have fed a small family of 4 with our wastefulness. 

An over view of everything I tossed…btw the mustard hadn’t even been open! I wonder if extreme couponers often find themselves in the same situation?



Now for the graphic pictures!

Not sure if you can tell but this is red bell pepper slices…gross!



Baby spinach from who knows how long ago



Pretty disgusting!  

Anyways, our grocery shopping went okay. We did go over the 100.00 budget I was hoping to stay under but we only went over by 11.00 and if we hadn’t bought some impulse buys we would have stayed under budget. We also bought some ingredients for meals starting in February…homemade pizza pockets anyone? The thing that bothers me most is I know a lot of stuff I could make cheaper it’s just a matter of finding that motivation to make it cheaper. Anyways, if you have any mind blowing ways to save money at the store I’m all ears!


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