Hello world!

Hello to anyone who is bored enough to read this! Tonight I started cooking dinner when I decided I should start blogging about my cooking life. Why? I have no idea I guess boredom?  Not true. I have been wanting to blog about something for a while to keep my mind stimulated. The task at hand has been what would I write about? I wanted something that involved my life but wasn’t too personal but was also informative. I think my inspiration comes from all the food blogs I read last weekend looking for new recipes but regardless I think this is a good topic.  I also hope it will inspire me to cook more.

For those who don’t know me….. how did you find me?jk.  Regardless I should explain a few things about my life. First off I am not a fan of cooking. If I had it my way we would hire a chef to cook but obviously our salary doesn’t make this idea realistic. I also am married to the world’s pickiest eater. No lie he is picky. In return he will say I am picky because I will not eat the processed frozen foods he enjoys. When I do cook  there are only about 10 meals I can make or maybe 15 but I have to alter them and do half the meal my way and half his way (meaning no vegetables). In return this is a reason I’m not a fan of cooking since we are so limited. In the past we usually eat out minimum 3 days a week for dinner sometimes everyday. I enjoy it because I don’t have to cook and  we can get what we want. However, we now are now expecting a baby in April and decided it’s time to make changes to our life for budget purposes. This is bittersweet and I know we will still eat out but the goal is to cut it down to maybe once a week instead of several times a week. So that’s the idea behind the blog. I can share my recipes, try new ones, and hopefully it will get me excited to cook. This experiment could fail miserably but I’m desperate to try anything that will get me excited to cook. Perhaps, knowing someone is relying on my post will be an inspiration to cook, maybe not but at least I can give it a try and see what happens!

My goals:

1. To cook at home at least 5 days a week. Sometimes the recipes won’t be sexy or exciting but the point is that we ate at home

2. To create a meal plan each week for dinner. I do this on and off but if I have a plan I tend to cook more.

3. To use local ingredients or organic ingredients when possible. This means every weekend hitting up the farmers market to ensure I have local vegetables for my meals

4. Try one new recipe a week. I have a ton of recipes I’ve never tried so I might as well see if they are worth keeping in my bookmarks on my computer

5.  To make my own ingredients when time permits.

6. If I stick to the plan I think I deserve a fancy cooking gadget. One fun fact about me is I love kitchen gadgets. I have so many unnecessary kitchen gadgets but the three I’m really focused on right now are a bread machine, a pasta maker, and a food dehydrator. Making my own pasta and bread has been a desire of mine for over a year now!

Thanks for joining this food journey with me. Hopefully its not too boring! haha.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations, Sheena, on your goals. Without a goal you’ll never get anywhere!! I can vouch that Chad probably wins the prize for pickiest eater…. I have a bread machine and love it. I use the high gluten flour I get at the Mennonite stores and have terrific results with it. I also get my yeast there in bulk. Both are much easier on the budget than the same things from the grocery store. I’ll keep watching your blog and maybe I’ll learn some pointers from you.

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